Frequently Asked Questions

Do the doors come painted or stained?
No, all doors will be shipped unfinished/raw sanded and ready for paint r stain to be applied.

Can I submit my order via email or over the phone?
No, we only accept orders via our website. Doing this eliminates human error and decreases the production time and the cost of our cabinet doors. All orders submitted through the website are instantly put into production which allows us to provide high-end cabinet doors at super low prices and lightning fast lead times.

Can I modify any of the cabinet door styles shown on your website?
No, all cabinet door styles are preselected in order to batch small orders together and keep our transition/setup times minimal. Batching the orders allows us to keep a "no minimum quantity" approach to building your cabinet doors. If we were to offer customizable profiles, the price of our cabinet doors would be much higher.

How do I get a price for cabinet doors?
Please see the following link for a tutorial on quoting a cabinet door project.
Quotes and Pricing

Do you provide free sample doors?

Barker Door does not provide free sample doors. If you are interested in seeing first hand the quality that Barker Door delivers, then please order one door that will be used for your project. This will allow you to see the finished quality of our product as well as put you one cabinet door closer to a finished project. FYI, we have never had a customer return a cabinet door due to poor quality.

Why are your prices lower than the competition?

Many customer ask us why our price per door is so low when compared to our competition. There are several attributes that help Barker Door stay ultra competitive in today's internet marketplace for cabinet doors. Here are a few:

1. We do not staff a call center. One of the largest expenses of any cabinet door company is the staff that takes your order. We do not have a call center dedicated to placing orders via the phone, fax, or email. Taking orders over the phone or fax can be very time consuming and expensive. Having the customer verify the sizes and input their orders online saves our company lots of time (and therefore money) with each order, which is then passed on to the customer is the form of less expensive cabinet door products. As far as we know, we are the only completely internet based cabinet door website.  Keep in mind that we are available to answer questions regarding placing your orders through our website at 503-476-1060.
2. We offer only a limited number of cabinet door profile combinations. Many cabinet door companies offer a fully custom edge profile selection by giving you the opportunity to mix and match literally hundreds of shapes to create a custom door. We offer pre set combination of shapes that allow you to select a professionally designed cabinet door in minutes. By offering our catalog online we are able to generate our cabinet doors at much faster rates than our competition which allows us to produce more doors in less time and for less money. This time and money saved is then passed on to the customer to lower the price of our cabinet door products even more.

How thick are your cabinet doors?
All of our cabinet doors are 3/4" which includes our line of MDF (medium density fiberboard) cabinet doors.

Why don't you offer any arched (cathedral, eyebrow) cabinet doors?
We do not have machinery set up to complete eyebrow or cathedral cabinet doors.