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Lazy Susan Hardware Package Lazy Susan Hardware Package

2 x bi fold hinges, 2 x 170 degree hinges, 4 x standard 0mm cam adapter plates

Retail Price: $79.95
Sale Price + Options: $69.95

Instructions (follow this carefully):
  1. First you will need to measure the cabinet doors to determine the correct sizes. This lazy susan hardware may be different than the existing hardware on your project. Make sure you follow the measuring instructions (shown below) very closely.
  2. Input the lazy susan cabinet doors into your online shopping cart by clicking on wood cabinet doors . Select your door style, and then enter your door sizes (calculate the door sizes using the " Measuring Instructions" below). In the "drill hinge cup" field, select the option labeled " lazy susan drill (4 cups @ standard "Blum" confirguration)". Remember that only one door needs to be drilled for the "lazy susan drill" while the other door will not need any hinge cups at all.
    • EXAMPLE: say you need two doors for a lazy susan cabinet. Let's say that both doors are 12" wide by 31" tall. Order a quantity of 1 door at 12" x 31" with "lazy susan drill (4 cups @ standard "Blum" confirguration) " selected as the "drill hinge cups" option. Then order the other door with a quantity of 1 door at 12" x 31" with "none" selected in the "drill hinge cups" option.
  3. IMPORTANT: In the "notes" field at the end of each door you will be entering for the lazy susan, make sure you input the following text: "if there is an outside edge detail, then please eliminate the edge detail on the side where the door bi folds"
  4. Add one "Lazy susan hardware package to your order".
Measuring Instructions:

For this example lets assume that the opening width of the left and right side of the lazy susan cabinet is 10 1/2" wide. Take the opening width of 10 1/2" wide and subtract 3/4" (this is the thickness of the other lazy susan door). This gets us a dimension of 9 3/4". Now, add 1/2" to account for the 1/2" overlay on the side where the door overlays the face frame. This gets us a finished cabinet door width of 10 1/4".

The height would be calculated by adding 1" to height of the cabinet opening.
measuring lazy susan cabinet doors