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Replacing existing cabinet doors (exact same size as your old doors). In most cases the doors that you will order will be the exact size of the existing doors on the project. Take a measurement of the cabinet doors by measuring the "width" first, followed by the "height" of the door as seen in the picture below. Be sure to measure the exact size of the door to the nearest 1/16".

Hinge cup or no hinge cup?
If you are planning on ordering hinges along with your cabinet doors you will need to select the "DRILL 35mm hinge cup" option under "Hinge Options" This hole allows our standard Blum Concealed Hinge to affix to the cabinet door. Note: If this option is not chosen you will need to find a cabinet maker that can drill the door for the 35mm hinge cup for a Blum hinge.

Cabinet Maker's Notes:

Some customers choose to use the existing hinges (from the old doors) and apply them to the new cabinet doors. In our experience the customer runs into many problems using the older hinges.Often the older hinges are inferior and more difficult to install than the newer hinges. We have seen many customers that have tried to save a small amount of money by using their existing hinges only to give up and order a newer concealed hinge that is today's standard.

-Chad Barker