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Custom Cabinet Doors
Factory direct custom cabinet doors, ordered online, and shipped directly to you. Replace your cabinet doors with premium quality, fully custom cabinet doors, made by Barker Door today.
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Orders over $1,000 receive FREE SHIPPING*

Why buy cabinet doors from Barker Door?
  • Factory Direct (no middle man, wholesale pricing to all who order via our website)
  • Track Record of Quality Barker has been building cabinet doors since 1978 (most of our doors are still use to this day)
  • Lowest Prices we buy materials by the truckload and sell only via our website (direct to consumer cuts out the middleman)
  • Full customization widths, heights, wood types, finishes, and much more
  • Highest quality cabinet doors available

Cabinet Door Specs

  1. We start with the finest American lumber, cutting and shaping the door parts with precision woodworking machinery.
  2. All stiles and rails are shaped using a mortise and tenon construction method, glued using only American made adhesives, and securely clamped for a super strong and durable door joint.
  3. The cabinet door details are shaped to the desired profile and hand sanded to ensure smoothest and most accurate shape details possible.
  4. Once assembled, the door is run through a wide belt sander with a graphite (super fine) final sanding pass in order to make the face and back of the cabinet doors as smooth as possible.
  5. Your cabinet doors are now ready to be checked by the master craftsmen for a very thorough quality control process.
  6. After all checks are completed, your cabinet doors are sent to be finished, or packaged and shipped directly to your home or place of business.

Cabinet Door Finshes

Choose from clear, stained, or painted finishes. Using only the highest cabinet door finishes adding a finish to your doors creates the perfect ready to install product right out of the box. Our paints and stains are a conversion varnish, which is regarded as one of the most durable and beautiful finishes available in the cabinet door industry. Adding a finish to your cabinet doors is a great way to enhance/speed up your finial cabinet door project. Here are a few attributes to consider:

  • Clear/fully translucent color (allows natural wood grain and color to show through)
  • Conversion varnish minimizes yellowing often found with lacquer based finishes
  • Smooth even texture with satin sheen
  • Scratch resistant
  • Furniture grade/ high-end quality
  • Skip the mess, have Barker spray your doors!