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If you are interested in pricing out your cabinet doors through, then please read the following guide as it is very easy once you get the hang of it.

1. First choose one of our many styles available. For this example, we will price out a Windsor raised panel cabinet door. Please see link below to see styles available:

Cabinet door styles

2. Click on the picture of the Windsor cabinet door to go to the Windsor web page which shows various cabinet doors and drawer fronts with Windsor edge details. This page will show you various types of Windsor cabinet doors, including cabinet drawer fronts, slab doors (10" wide or less), as well as glass cabinet doors.

Windsor cabinet doors and drawer fronts

3. In this example, we will click on the picture of the Windsor "DOOR- Raised Panel Cabinet Door". Once clicked we will be redirected to the details page where we can input our sizes and options.

Windsor cabinet door details

4. Input your sizes and any options you may want to include on your cabinet door and click add to cart. If the item does not add to the cart, you have missed an input box and therefore an error was generated. The most common input box missed is the "Size Options" option. To remedy this, please click the drop down menu and select the first option down. Just make sure your width and your height are within the allowable margins.

5. Once you have successfully added a product to your cart, a pop up window will come up and display the door added to the shopping cart. Now you can change the width and height of the cabinet door to add your next cabinet door to your shopping cart.You can continue adding as many doors as you wish to you cart from this page.

6. Now that your cart is full, you will most likely be interested in the cost of shipping your order to your project. Click on the "checkout" button in the shopping cart pop-up window. Now, at the bottom right side of your screen you will see a series of boxes that will allow you to input your zip code. Input your zip code and press recalculate. Now that your shipping rates have been calculated, please select which shipping option you want and your order will be updated to include the cost of shipping.

This should complete your quotation. If you would like to process you order, then please click the "Proceed to Checkout" button at the bottom of your screen. Thanks again for your business!