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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE. All users of this site agree that access to and use of this site are subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable law. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site. Use of this website implies agreement to all terms and conditions outlined in the following terms of service:


All correspondence/requests must be in written form and submitted via email ([email protected]). Verbal/phone support is not available for customer service and warranty related requests.

*This is a custom made product. As with any custom product, we highly recommend ordering a sample prior to placing your main order. Due to the custom nature of our products, orders cannot be returned or refunded if they arrive and are not what you intended.

**We do not include the knobs and pulls with any of our cabinets, nor do we drill the doors and drawer fronts for knobs or handles. Obtain those locally and drill on site as needed.

***All products, including samples sold on this website represent a close match to what you will receive as a final finished product (they are sprayed and finished in the exact same process). Paints and stains are sprayed by hand which may result in slight variations in color/texture of the product from one batch to another. We do our best to maintain strict color/texture matching, but we do not guarantee an exact match from one piece/batch to another.

****Grain matching (grain running continuously from one door to another as it is cut from the same sheet of veneer) is not available, nor guaranteed under any circumstance.

*****We reserve the right to make changes to paint and stain and all other finish formulas. Changes to formulas may affect color tone and texture of the finished product. Orders placed separately (days, weeks, months apart) are not guaranteed to match perfectly.


Due to industry-wide hardware and material shortages, some orders may ship without items included. Back-orders will not affect lead time unless materials (e.g. plywood case material) are not available, nor delay shipping of the bulk of your order. We will ship the back-ordered hardware the moment enough stock is available to satiate your order. *Substitutions in hardware/material may be made without notice of similar or better quality replacements. For example, we may substitute Salice soft close hinges (Made in Italy), for Blum soft close hinges (made in USA). Barker Door is not responsible for costs/delays associated with back-ordered products.

Cancellation Policy:

Products sold on this website are fully custom and therefore cannot be re-sold. Orders cannot be canceled once production has started. Production will start wihtin 24 hours of the order being submitted.

Lead Time:

Current estimated lead times are shown on the website under the "LEAD TIME" tab. Lead times are "estimates" and never guaranteed under any circumstance. Be aware, you are ordering a custom made product which can vary the estimated lead time for your order greatly depending on your order contents. Status updates may be requested via email at any time (status updates are estimates only). See "LEAD TIME" tab for further terms regarding lead times.

Accuracy of Dimensions:

All products will be within 1/16" of the size ordered. Small variations in sizes may occur due to finish sanding and/or real wood expansion and contraction of lumber based products.

Changes/Modifications to the order:

Barker Door strives for the quickest turnaround time possible by processing and cutting your order almost immediately after it has been submitted. Once the order has been processed and batched, the order cannot be modified, canceled, or added to. This includes combining newer orders with older orders to conserve on shipping cost.

In some cases Barker Door will be able to make small changes to the order, usually within 24 hours of the order being submitted via the website. Small changes such as a measurement adjustment may be possible so long as it does not change the total order price. Changes after 24 hours are strictly forbidden. All changes made after the order is submitted by the customer are not guaranteed and therefore remakes or financial compensation will not be allowed for any issues resulting from a change to the order.

Refund/Return Policy:

Barker Door does not accept returns on custom doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, etc, due to customer errors (i.e. you get exactly what was ordered). Please remember that we do not accept returns on custom sized doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, etc, due to the fact that they cannot be re-sold.

Hinges and other hardware items that can be re-sold, may be returned within 90 days form the date the order was placed. A restocking fee of 30% will be assessed for all returned merchandise. Shipping of items back to Barker Door must be paid for by the customer.

Production Schedule:

The current lead time can be found at the top of every page on the website as well as noted on the top of your emailed order confirmation. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the current production time, please click on the link (or here) for more information. If you have any further questions that are not answered in the posted policy, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional assistance. Please keep in mind that our products are manufactured to your specifications by the hands of skilled craftsmen, and no shortcuts are taken in an effort to ensure that you receive products of the highest possible caliber.

Will Call:

Although we ship both locally and nationwide, the question of picking up an order from our facility is often raised by our valued local customers. Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer a will call option due to numerous issues involving both production as well as customer safety. In order to better be able to provide a higher standard of service equally to all who purchase our products, we are required to ship all orders regardless of location or situation. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Damage in Shipping:

Please contact Barker Door if your product arrives damaged. We will work with you to provide a replacement product or repair the existing product in a timely manner. Barker Door is not responsible for indirect costs/delays associated with damaged or missing products.

Damage to assembled products, like roll out shelves, trash roll outs, etc, will result in new parts/hardware being shipped to replace only the items that arrived damaged. Some assembly may be required by the customer on site in such cases. Example: A roll out product is shipped to a customer with slides already installed on the shelf itself. It arrives with a broken drawer slide due to shipping damage/handling. In this case, we will ship a replacement drawer slide (i.e. not a whole new wood shelf with drawer slides already attached).

For damage to wood products like doors, drawer boxes, etc, please see our warranty section for more information.

Shortages or Discrepancies:

All shortages or discrepancies must be submitted within 14 days of delivery and be reported via email to Barker Door. If the claim is submitted after the 14 day period, no replacements or refunds will be issued. If a discrepancy is found, Barker Door is not liable for project delays and/or overnight/expedited delivery of said items. Barker Door is not responsible for indirect costs/delays associated with damaged or missing products.

Large Freight Orders:

Freight shipping may be used instead of ground shipping (i.e. FedEx ground) at the sole discretion of Barker Door for larger orders. When freight shipping is used, a "lift gate" and "residential delivery" options will be included automatically. Freight orders are "curbside" delivery and will dropped off within a few feet of the back of the delivery truck. It is the responsibility of the customer to protect the delivered shipment from the elements in order to prevent damage to the contents. "Inside delivery" is not available on freight orders.

*When large freight orders are delivered to residential addresses, special services may be required for delivery. Any and all special delivery charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. Special delivery charges are not included in any FREE SHIPPING promotions. For instance, delivery of a large/heavy pallet to a penthouse suite atop a high-rise in downtown Manhattan would require an additional fee which would not be covered under the promotional rate.

**If an 18-wheeler is unable to deliver to the shipping address (i.e. planned delivery area is too small to get a large truck into), then the customer will be responsible for picking up the freight order from an alternative destination or local freight hub. In addition, some items ordered may be oversized, odd sized, and/or simply not eligible for lift-gate residential curbside delivery. These items may require extra handling fees, or a separate pickup by the customer at the local freight hub. All additional incurred costs associated with oversized/special deliveries are not covered by Barker Cabinets and must be paid for and arranged by the customer.

Hinges and Hinge Accessories:

Hinges, hinge plates, and hinge accessories can be returned. All hinges that are to be returned or exchanged must be sent back to Barker Door within 30 days of delivery. All items must be in new condition (unused). After inspection, a 30% restocking fee will be applied to the order and remaining funds will be returned to the customer. The customer is responsible for shipping fees when sending items back to Barker Door.

*Shipping charges may apply if the order had free shipping on the order. For example, lets say a customer were to order $1200 worth of cabinet doors and $300 worth of hinges in order to achieve a total order cost of $1500 to qualify for free shipping. Then the customer decides to return the hinges in the order to receive a refund less the restocking fee. In this case we will calculate shipping charges on the order and subtract this amount from the refund.


Doors, drawer boxes, and rollout boxes are covered under warranty for up to 1 year from warping (must be more than 1/4" out), bowing (must be more than 1/4" out), twisting (must be more than 1/4" out), and de-lamination from the date of delivery. Liability under this warranty is limited to the total amount of the order as shown on the invoice. Barker Door is not responsible for project delays or financial loses resulting from damaged/defective/delayed products/orders.

In the case of products being damaged, Barker Door will replace or repair the product at Barker Door's discretion. Note that this warranty does not cover damage as a result of wear and tear. Any damage as a result of customer handling or use is not covered under the terms of this warranty and will not warrant a replacement under these terms.

Products may be remade under warranty. Barker Door may require the original product to be returned to the factory for inspection prior to generating replacements. Shipping costs will be covered and reimbursed to the credit card on file so long as the door is indeed determined to be covered under warranty.

Hardware (hinges, drawer slides, etc) is covered under warranty for up to 1 year from the date of delivery. Liability under this warranty is limited to the total amount of the order as shown on the invoice. Barker Door is not responsible for project delays or financial loses resulting from damaged/defective/delayed products/orders.

Exceptions to the limited warranty:

Environmental Policy

Some small issues may arise during cabinet refacing project. Examples include and are not limited to; Pre-drilled holes being slightly off, alignment issues, products being slightly out of square, or too wide/small, small blemishes in the natural wood, etc. Customer is expected to make a reasonable attempt to correct small issues on-site. Barker Cabinets will not issue replacements if we feel the parts can be reasonably re-used, modified on site, or otherwise fixed by the customer with minimal effort. Ultimately, this policy will be activated if a customer requests frivolous remakes.

Oversized Products

Doors over 24" wide (subject to approval from Barker Door management) and/or 60" tall are not covered under warranty against damage in shipping, warping, or bowing. Doors that are warped or bowed at or less than 1/4" will be considered acceptable and is not covered under this limited warranty. Drawer fronts over 33" wide will not be covered under this limited warranty.

Warranty Replacements

To qualify for warranty replacement we classify defects in the following manner:

Defect- defined as any damage, heavy wood grain, knot, blemish, scratch, lack of finish, pit, hole, rub mark, discoloration, sheen variance, gouge, lump, paint chip, raised area, indent, etc.
End grain- defined as the grain of wood seen when it is cut across the growth rings. Typically visible on the top and bottoms of the cabinet doors/drawer fronts where the stiles end. 

**Remakes are not redeemable for monetary refunds. Remakes have no cash value and are available only for the original product subject to approval by Barker Door.

A grade*- defined as the face of the cabinet door

Defects larger than 1/8" in length or diameter will qualify for warranty/replacement.

B grade*- defined as the top, bottom, and sides of the cabinet doors

Defects larger than 1/4" in length or diameter will qualify for warranty/replacement. Pitting and rough texture on the end grains will not be covered under warranty as this is considered a natural characteristic of the real wood construction of the cabinet doors

C grade*- defined as the back sides of cabinet doors and all exposed sides of drawer box like products

Defects larger than 1/2" in length or diameter will qualify for warranty/replacement

D grade*- non exposed sides of drawer box like products (i.e. underside, this area is never seen in typical drawer box installations)
No defect of any size will qualify for warranty/replacement

Exceptions to Warranty Replacements:

1. Barker reserves the right approve or deny warranty/damage claims in all cases.

2. Drawer boxes are considered C grade and may come with patches and larger blemishes/knots. Mineral streaks, knots, discoloration, etc of the veneer/wood are common and not covered under warranty.

3. Painted and finished products are hand sprayed/painted. Holes (for hooks used to hang the product) may be added to the top, bottom, sides, or back as needed, to hang parts for spraying. Holes used to hang the product will not be touched up and will not quality for warranty under any circumstances. As this is a real wood product and sprayed by hand, some slight blemishes are to expected. End grains (top and bottom of the doors/drawer fronts where the stiles end) will have a different texture (rougher) than the face of the cabinet doors after paint/finish has been applied (they soak up paint at a different rate). End grains are not covered under warranty as rougher texture and potential "pitting" (tiny holes in paint) will be common on painted products.

4. Seams and slight joint separation can and will develop over time on the frame of the door where the stiles and rails meet. This is common with a solid wood painted 5 piece door and not considered a defect.

5. Structural pin nail head on the backsides of the cabinets doors are not covered under warranty. Pin nails are used to keep the center panel stable and centered. Panels can shift in transit. Panel shifting is not considered a defect. Panel can be easily shifted back into place, on site, by the customer, with a bit of force/adjustment. Contact customer service for further instructions on center panel adjustments.

6. SLAB PLYWOOD DOORS- Slab plywood doors are real wood veneer (vertical grain) over plywood core with a "banded" edge. Edge banding is of a matching wood species. A banded edge door may have a rough seam that may show through the paint/stain when the door is finished. By selecting/ordering this door style you understand and agree to the fact that wood grain and small defects will show through the paint on the face of the door and the seam on the edges. Seam issues will not be covered under warranty as this is an edge-banded real wood product and these issues have been disclaimed to you prior to ordering. We highly recommend ordering a full painted or stained door sample to view the quality and look first-hand prior to placing your main order.

In addition, due to the manner in which the veneered panels are cut from the panel stock, it is not possible to guarantee that the grain will be continuous from front to front on a single cabinet, or match up with the grain pattern on any adjacent cabinetry installed. In an effort to maintain efficiency and reduce waste, grain matching is not a service that we can offer, and mismatched grain patterns will not be grounds for replacement under warranty.

7. Raised Panel Doors- Raised panels are made from strips of lumber (Glue-ups) glued together to create a single raised center panel.  Typically, 1.5" to 3" wide planks are used to prevent warping, bowing, and cracking (i.e. the center raised panel will not be a single with wood plank). Wider glue ups are not available cabinet door construction.

8. "Bridging" (Where paint connects from door panel to door frame). On the face of the door, where the panel and frame connect, this area will not be caulked prior to painting. Caulking can crack and fail over time. "Bridging" (i.e. where the paint bridges/spans the gap between frame and panel) is common and can occur in various areas of your door occasionally. Bridging is not covered under warranty and will not qualify for replacement or repair.

9. Etching (Signifying engravings/markings on the backsides of painted doors, drawer fronts, etc). Doors are sprayed in very large groups/quantities. In order to distinguish between projects, we etch the job number, cabinet number, and paint code into the backside of every painted product we sell (about 1/2" to 3/4" tall writing). Etching is not considered a defect and will not be covered under warranty in any case.

10. All products sprayed with "PRIMER ONLY" are not covered under warranty for surface scratches and wood defects as defined above (i.e. pre sanding of primer as well as final sanding and finish coats will cover any defects, therefore it is the task of the customer ensure proper sanding and application of all finish paint coats). Gouges, dents, dings, primer build-up, rough spots, and grain defects should be filled (bondo or any other wood filler) and sanded by customer prior to application of paint coats applied on site by customer.

11. Inset Panel Doors- Color variations from door panel to door frame are common and to be expected. Inset panels are veneer over substrate and have thus aged longer than freshly milled stile and rail (frame) material. Color tone will even out as the frame naturally cures to its final color (weeks to months).

13. Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to paint, stain, and all other finish formulas without notice. Changes to formulas may affect color tone and texture of the finished product. Orders placed separately (days, weeks, months apart) are not guaranteed to match perfectly. When placing new orders to match old painted products, customer is advised to order their door in raw wood, then have a local painter attempt to match paint color and sheen to aged paint displayed on site. We do not provide color matching under any circumstance.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs if seller is not at fault.

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