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In this tutorial we will attach the hinges to the backside of the cabinet doors.

1. Ready your doors, 5/8" long wood screws, and the hinges as seen below:
ready your hinges screws and cabinet doors

2. Next you will need to insert a hinge into the hinge cup on the backside of the door.
apply hinge to hing hole
press the hinge into the hole

3. Using your electric screw driver, drive the 5/8" long wood screws directly into the back of the door through the small holes on the hinge itself. Repeat this step until all the hinges are securely attached to the cabinet door.
attach teh hinge to the cabinet doors

4. Once the hinges are securely attached to the back of the cabinet door, you are done. Now you can literally clip your door onto the cabinet and voila, you have attached a cabinet door to a cabinet case!
attached cabinet hinges