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Using a Dover White conversion varnish based paint with a satin sheen, we are able to add superior durability and longevity to our already high-end line of cabinet doors. Unlike pigmented laquer paint that tends to gum up and flake off when exposed to water, our conversion varnish based paint will hold up much better to moisture and direct water exposure. In addition, varnish will resist yellowing over time whereas lacquer will not.

Conversion Varnish painted finish will consist of multiple steps to ensure a smooth and quality finish.
1. First coat of primer applied
2. Hand sand with 180 grit sand paper to smooth surface
3. Second coat of primer applied
4. Hand sand with 220 grit sand paper to smooth surface
5. Application of first coat of Conversion Varnish paint
6. Heated drying time of 12 hours
6. Application of second coat of Conversion Varnish paint
7. Doors are then placed in a heated drying booth for 24 hours to allow the paint to harden and cure before packaging